Electric Vehicle Charging

Specializing in Electric Vehicle charging stations. Installation, maintenance and sales.

What advantages will you get using Okanagan EV?

  • 01

    All Makes & Models

    We offer solutions for Tesla, BMW, Audi, Hyundai, Nissan, Toyota, and more.
  • 02

    Local Company

    Okanagan EV is locally run and are availible all year round for your solutions.
  • 03

    Cost Savings

    With ever increasing gas prices, electric cars are not only cheaper to run, they also cost less to service and maintain.
  • 04

    Quick Installation

    Okanagan EV can get your charging station up and running within the day.
  • 05

    Free Support

    Call or email Okanagan EV with any help or questions you have free of charge.
  • 06

    Energy Efficient

    The efficiency of energy conversion from on-board storage to turning the wheels is nearly five times greater for electricity than gasoline.
Our mission:
To support the EV revolution throughout BC's interior by applying our specialized expertise, friendly and fast service, strategic advice and our passion for new technologies.

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